Built to serve our clients' best interests.

We're one of the region's top personal wealth management and consulting firms for a reason. We're great at what we do.

We’re built to serve our clients’ best interests with investment, asset and wealth management strategies designed to help you reach your goals—and beyond. Our years of experience make us experts in the field. Our unyielding commitment to your well-being makes us experts in you.

Investment Philosophy

Money is an emotional topic. Our relationship to it is formed by our past, forged in our present, and managed and grown for a future filled with independence, pride and confidence.

At ASI, our investment philosophy is grounded in academic research and our clients’ best interests. We use decades of experience and intensive research to identify the ideal mix for your portfolio—and for your life. We focus on:

  • Facts, not emotions or predictions
  • Controlling costs
  • Stabilizing returns
  • Adhering to a strategy designed to achieve results at the lowest possible risk, no matter what your risk tolerance

We also build portfolios with strong assets. We have access to the best mutual funds and securities, and partner with esteemed companies such as Schwab and Dimensional Fund Advisors, as well as separate account managers.

Schwab Advisor Services is our custodian and serves independent investment advisory firms like us. They provide our clients with access to a broad range of institutional brokerage trading, custody, reporting and related services, many of which are not typically available to Schwab retail customers. Learn more about personal wealth management.

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is one of the most sought-after mutual fund companies in the nation. DFA partners with a select group of advisors across the country who have been hand-picked to represent an investment philosophy based on facts, instead of forecasts and predictions. DFA is best known for providing diversified asset-class portfolios that are founded on Nobel Prize-winning research. Discover how Dimensional Fund Advisors sets the standard in stewardship, innovation and success.

Sustainable Funds is a way to follow your heart and further your financial goals. We offer investment strategies that promote sustainable business practices, as well as diversified portfolio construction. You can have your cake and eat it too! Learn about investing in a greener tomorrow.

We also offer:

Detailed Reporting

Sure, investment statements are nice, but ASI goes a step further with customized quarterly portfolio reviews. These comprehensive analyses tell you how your investments are doing and offer concise summaries of your progress toward your goals.

Complete Transparency

Buried fee disclosures? Fine print? Hidden agendas? Not with ASI. We make sure all the costs of investing are fully transparent. The only fees we collect are the ones you pay, and all of our reporting shows your results net of all fees and expenses so you know what you’re paying—and what you’re paying for. Just as it should be.

At ASI, our allegiance isn’t to one company. It’s to you. It’s a difference you can feel with every investment, every phone call and every meeting.

*Source: “Dimensional Fund Advisors Picks Advisers Not Stocks, And It Works.” Bloomberg News: Investment News. January 19, 2015.
Past performance does not necessarily indicate future performance.

We’re planning for your financial future. Is your current advisor doing the same?