Virtual Family Office

Imagine a world where you have legal, financial, and tax experts at your fingertips to analyze every facet of your personal and business life. Imagine this team working together to maximize your benefits, heighten your returns, and protect you from unseen risks. 

We know that your financial picture is anything but one-dimensional. That is why we have always collaborated with the other experts in our clients’ life to create the most comprehensive personal wealth management plan possible. Through this collaboration, we have developed a professional connection to an impressive list of best of the best individuals in a variety of services.

The Virtual Family Office (VFO) puts a framework to our 20+ year team approach of working with a network of trusted advisors. The VFO brings together your trusted advisors and an elite group of renowned specialists and gets them to work together, collaboratively, on behalf of our clients.

A VFO can provide an array of services, including investment management services, tax and estate planning, the management of foundations and trusts, philanthropy planning, lifestyle management needs and the coordination of other advisors in the best interest of the family. Simply said, the virtual family is one way to get access to the high-caliber family office solutions in a more cost-effective way.

Services may include: Investment management, tax planning, estates, trusts, & wills, banking, property & casualty insurance, real estate, life coaching, business coaching & professional development, health & wellness. We hope to provide the peace of mind which only comes from knowing there is a collaborative planning between your advisors, to ensure all of the family's stewardship needs are being met in an appropriate manner.