Meet, Morgan Shepherd

December 01, 2023

Originally published in ASI's December 2023, We're Invested, Newsletter

Morgan Shepherd assumed the role of Client Service Manager at ASI Wealth Management's Portland office in December 2022, bringing over two decades of experience in the financial industry, spanning insurance to wealth management. Notably, she is also an avid animal lover, dedicating the past decade to fostering and rescuing dogs with the non-profit organization No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB). NDLB focuses on addressing the East Asian dog trafficking crisis and advocating for global animal welfare.

In 2020, Morgan played a pivotal role in saving over 20 dogs at LAX airport, managing a large volunteer group and undertaking a 17-hour drive to ensure timely intervention. Her passion for animal welfare emerged through her involvement in non-profit writing and fundraising events for dogs. Morgan's transformative moment occurred when she encountered a photo of her German Shepherd, Scout, leading to what she humorously refers to as a "foster fail" – when a foster parent ends up keeping the dog intended for adoption.

Currently caring for three German Shepherds rescued from the meat trade (Piper, Riley & Scout), along with Jack and Stich, Morgan's background in training search and rescue dogs uniquely positions her as an ideal foster parent to prepare rescued dogs for adoption. Little did she anticipate keeping some of the dogs she fostered. Jack serves as her training partner during Saturday meetups in the Vancouver, WA area. Morgan emphasizes the profound impact of assisting animals in need, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit.

For those interested in contributing or learning more, NDLB welcomes volunteers for training, rehabilitation, veterinary lab tech roles, social media management, and phone support.