Meet Austin Miller, Client Advisor

October 03, 2023

Originally published in ASI's September 2023, We're Invested, Newsletter

Austin's journey to ASI began after his graduation from Marymount College, Arlington, VA, in 2015. He initially expressed interest in working for ASI to his father, Randy Miller. However, Randy advised him to explore career options independently on the East Coast before committing to ASI. Austin heeded his father's wisdom and over the course of the next three years, took on various sales positions in the Metro DC area. Despite his endeavors, the call of his hometown, Bend, Oregon, and his love for the outdoors drew him back.

In the spring of 2018, Austin returned to Bend and tried another sales position, which ultimately confirmed his desire to work at ASI Wealth Management. His decision was influenced by fond memories of family discussions around the dinner table, where Randy emphasized the importance of prioritizing employees’ and clients' well-being. After spending approximately five years in sales-related roles, Austin was certain ASI was the right place for him.

In the summer of 2019, Austin applied for the position of Reporting Specialist/Receptionist at ASI, considering it a crucial role in welcoming and serving clients, friends, and colleagues. Following interviews with the entire team, Austin was unanimously chosen to join ASI. He started his financial services career by working closely with Sue (retired Operations & Client Services Manager) and Stacy Horton (current Director of Operations), learning the intricacies of operational tasks essential for serving clients. After 2.5 years in operations and client services, he began shadowing Randy and Senior Client Advisor, John Bellman, to acquire expertise in the advisory aspect of the business.

Returning to Bend after eight years on the East Coast was undoubtedly the right decision for Austin. He established roots by purchasing a home and adopting a black German Shepherd named Nyx. He also rekindled his love for Pacific Northwest outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, fishing, and hiking.

He now enjoys these adventures and house projects with his fiancée, Kaelie, who has taught him the value of relaxation and not taking on too much. They have a 2024 wedding planned.

Currently in his fourth year at ASI, Austin continues his mentorship under John Bellman while excelling in his role as a Client Advisor. He is also studying for his Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA®) designation through the Investments & Wealth Institute. When asked about his favorite moments at ASI, Austin mentioned the joy he derives from getting to know clients, listening to their financial goals, and crafting financial plans that make their dreams possible, whether it is early retirement or purchasing a car. Upholding the principle of consistently acting in the best interests of his clients, a lesson instilled during his familial conversations, is a philosophy he now actively applies in his professional capacity.